Watch Mount Moriah Perform at Austin's Driskill Hotel

Mount Moriah "Miracle Temple Holiness" from Yours Truly on Vimeo.

Earlier this year, we fell in love with North Carolina's Mount Moriah when they released their alt-country gem Miracle Temple. Lead singer Heather McEntire spent her 20s playing lead screamer in a punk rock band, but has found her voice within a more traditional, Americana approach to presenting songs. A little over two months ago, the band played a slew of shows during SXSW and our friends at Yours Truly were able to capture them performing at the historic Driskill Hotel on Austin's famed 6th Street. "These narratives are very close to the chest," McEntire says of the band's new material. "This was stripping all that distortion away and putting myself vocally and lyrically in a very vulnerable place. The second record, I started to get to know myself as an adult."

Here the band performs a bluesy rendition of "Miracle Temple Holiness." The shots are mostly close-ups of the instruments, but the real payoff is when you get to see McEntire's intricate phrasing come to life. She may have punk roots, but McEntire's strength is in her control -- her voice is just as captivating live as it is on Mount Moriah's albums.

Other songs shot for this session include "Bright Light," "Eureka Springs," and "I Built a House." You can hear them over at RDIO.

Miracle Temple is out now on Merge Records. The band is on tour through June. 

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