Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta Illustrate Personal Styles In 'Elle'

Creative director Joe Zee lets the 'American Idol' stars express themselves in photo shoot.

[artist id="3188062"]Kris Allen[/artist], [artist id="3221540"]Allison Iraheta[/artist] and [artist id="3188063"]Adam Lambert[/artist] all certainly have very distinct senses of style. So when the trio of "American Idol" stars teamed up for an Elle magazine photo shoot, they each got to express their individual sense of fashion. And, yes, that means that Lambert was wearing eyeliner and spiky platforms.

Lambert appears in the spread all dolled up in a glam suit posing with a microphone. "Accessories were the big thing for Adam," Elle creative director (and "The City" regular) Joe Zee says in his A to Zee column in the December issue.

"He's got a classic uniform of nonconformity," Zee continued about Lambert's look. "But I wanted the finishing touches to make his look a look. Think dangerous: chainmail scarf, link-chain gloves, spiked boots."

Just to illustrate the contrast of the singers' styles, Zee dressed Allen in Lambert-style wings and platforms -- a look the "Idol" winner clearly can't pull off. But in the real spread, Allen embraces his "soulful quality" in a tie, vest and skinny black pants, holding an acoustic guitar. "He's like a young Chris Isaak who can sing in a stadium and make every person feel like it's a one-on-one performance," Zee wrote.

As for the only lady in the group, Zee wanted to keep Iraheta's personal aesthetic alive and make sure her rocker spirit was captured in the photos, dressing her in a figure-hugging one-sleeve dress and leopard-print ankle boots. "I'm very inspired by girl rockers," Zee explained, "especially a young Courtney Love and Grace Slick, and mixed kick-ass sexy with the toughness of her attitude and the music."

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