From Pickled Fish Soup To 'Bambi's Head': 11 Memorable 'Challenge' Food Missions

Warning: Plenty of puke is included.

"Challenge" competitors have shown their unparalleled athleticism and agility in any type of environment, but the MTV series has also tested the limits of their appetite and ability to hold down a wide variety of food.

During this week's episode of "Battle of the Exes 2," we got a taste (no pun intended) of what's to come during the final mission in Norway -- and as the sneak peek below shows, there's an orange seafood beverage in the finalists' future.

In honor of the brutal upcoming chugfest and Throwback Thursday, we're taking a look back at the most memorable eating missions through the years. Warning: The clips are only for those with strong tummies who aren't fazed by a series of up-chuck reflexes.

Screaming after too many scoops, from "The Gauntlet"

A banana split sundae -- complete with an assortment of flavors and toppings -- sounds scrumptious, no? Well, not when you have to share a ginormous-sized portion of the delightful dairy product with your teammates -- and you aren't allowed to use your hands or a spoon. Terrible scenario for any germaphobe...

Don't toss your cookies, from "The Inferno"

The elimination match was simple: Chow down on chocolate chip biscuits and whole milk, spin around on a contraption for 10 minutes and repeat. "Real World" competitor CT opted to use his Lifesaver to save David and his weak tummy, and the swap certainly paid off: The Bostonian was able to keep his snack longer than Shane from "Road Rules."

Ten terrible taquitos, from "The Inferno"

The competitors didn't delight in the gluttony portion of the Seven Deadly Sins final mission -- specifically, scarfing down the Mexican dish. Even though Timmy revealed that the soft tacos tasted better coming up, the best quote came from four-time champ Darrell: "I don't like throwing up because it hurts my nuts."

Good ol' fashioned eating contest, from "Battle of the Sexes 2"

From glasses of hot sauce to devouring sticks of margarine, the guys and gals did their best to hold the quirky food items down and avoid disqualifications for puking. Kudos to Tonya and Aneesa for keeping those globs of wasabi in their bellies but, unfortunately, Abram wasn't as successful with the duck eggs.

Beetles, frog legs and grasshoppers -- oh my! from "The Ruins"

Gotta hand it to KellyAnne: gagging WHILE scarfing the critters.

Volunteering as tribute, from "Battle of the Seasons"

"The Hunger Games" rules were simple: The team with the highest guess of how many mysterious items they could consume would be required to gobble said item. After a series of grape leaves and cow's livers, Sarah, Chet, Devyn and JD from "Real World: Brooklyn" were the deserving victors.

The "Final Feast" from hell, from "Rivals"

At first, the teams were thrilled to dine on salad, steak (or dog if you ask Leroy), mashed potatoes and sweets at the end of the long day. But the meal's novelty quickly wore off when they realized the ridiculously large servings they needed to ingest. Bring out the buckets -- minus one for "stomach of steel" Kenny -- because it's officially Pukeagonia up in here.

Let them eat wedding cake, from "Battle of the Exes"

Two layers of the tiered, fancy schmancy dessert for the respective brides and grooms, to be exact.

Icelandic treats, from "BOTE"

Johnny Bananas definitely put it best: The former flames had to inhale "Bambi's head" -- as well as soured shark and a horn filled with blood. Unsurprisingly, CT handled the Viking delicacies like a boss and had no issues going to town in the snow.

"That was chunky," from "Rivals 2"

JB openly declared that "eating disgusting s**t is [his] kryptonite" -- but all of his fellow casties had difficulty with the chilies, pickled fish soup (the image of Cara Maria above is forever etched in our memory as well as CT's description of the substance) and much more during Nightmare Island.

Brownies WHAT?! from "Battle of the Exes 2"

The vets laughed at how easy The Dome game was for rookies Simone/John and Adam/Brittany -- specifically, the measly amounts of the chocolaty treat.

+ What's your favorite cuisine-themed mission? Sound off in the comments below and be sure to catch the finale of "Battle of the Exes 2" on Tuesday at 10/9c!