Pamela Anderson On Tommy Lee/ Kid Rock VMA Scuffle: 'As Soon As I Left, 'Meow!''

Rockers' ex-wife says she's 'staying out of' skirmish; Rock says, 'It had absolutely zero to do with Pam.'

Pamela Anderson is like the Switzerland of rock and roll exes.

When it comes to Sunday's skirmish between ex-husbands Tommy Lee and Kid Rock during Alicia Keys' performance at the 2007 MTV Video Music Awards, she is "staying out of it" (see [article id="1569305"]"Kid Rock, Tommy Lee Battle At VMAs -- Watch The Video"[/article]).

The blond bombshell visited "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Wednesday, according to People magazine, and was asked about the rockers' public punch-fest. She said she isn't choosing sides and wasn't even present for the scrap, which security guards quickly broke up. "As soon as I left, meow!" she said. "They all went after each other."

DeGeneres pointed out that, during Anderson's previous appearance on the program, she had said Lee and Rock didn't get along. "Can ya tell?" Anderson quipped. DeGeneres was also curious about Anderson's seemingly cozy relationship with Lee, with whom she has two children, Brandon, 11, and Dylan, 9. During the VMAs, Anderson was seen playfully sitting on Lee's lap.

"He pulled me on his lap and spanked my butt," she revealed. "What are you going to do? Boys."

Anderson said she wasn't sure what inspired her more recent ex, Kid Rock, to punch her first husband, at which DeGeneres speculated, "Could it have been over me?" Anderson added that she'd like to distance herself from the growing feud and that she has moved on relationship-wise. She said she's dating a professional poker player, although she wouldn't identify him by name. "I fell in love," Anderson cooed. "It's so romantic. It's romance."

Lee has spoken out about the incident (see [article id="1569461"]"Tommy Lee Explains His Side Of The VMA Scuffle, Apologizes To Alicia Keys"[/article]), apologizing to Keys for the mishap and referring to Rock as "Kid Pebble." Rock -- who ran into Anderson on the red carpet before the show (see [article id="1569276"]"Kid Rock And Pamela Anderson Run Into Each Other On VMA Red Carpet -- Awwwk-Ward!"[/article]) -- was cited by Las Vegas police for misdemeanor battery after the incident and will need to return to Vegas for a future court date. If convicted, he faces a $500 fine and up to six months behind bars.

For his part, Rock was interviewed on Los Angeles radio station KROQ on Thursday morning (September 13). "[Lee is] doing what he does best: talk," Rock said. "This was a situation that was unavoidable. This has been a lotta years of very disrespectful things. I'll tell you, the last contact I had with him was when me and Pamela were going through our divorce. He picked up her BlackBerry and started e-mailing me a lot of horrendous things. And I said to him ... 'I will see you again, that's all I have to say.' It had absolutely zero to do with Pam. The best thing I did was file for that divorce. I was in love with her, I went through it, and thank God I got out of it."

In a separate Lee development, the drummer quit Mötley Crüe amid a lawsuit against the band's manager, although he has since said he hopes the bandmembers can work the situation out on their own (see [article id="1569603"]"Tommy Lee Quits Motley Crue Amid Lawsuit Against Band's Manager"[/article]).

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