Creation Records Honcho Loves The Pistols. Yawn.

New photo of old wankers.

Alan McGee, head honcho of Creation Records in London,

paid for an ad in this week's NME to proclaim that the Sex Pistols were,

and are still, the best band on the planet. McGee and Oasis' Noel Gallagher

attended a gig at London's Shepherds Bush Empire to see the aging punkers.

Gallagher told McGee that the Pistols were "better than us." Here's the entire

text of the ad:




"I never saw the Sex Pistols in 1977. They never came to

Scotland. I saw everybody else. Everybody. The Clash three times in '77.

Buzzcocks, Ramones. Everybody. I got a ticket on Wednesday night in a way out

of embarrassment that I never stayed around to watch them at Finsbury Park

which I had heard they were like 'cabaret'. I went half expecting it to be part

comedy, part irrelevancy. What I saw destroyed my preconceptions. Granted


are no longer a social phenomenon. That they had to wait almost 20 years to

play their music and to be judged on that shows you how much of a social

phenomenon they actually were. The Sex Pistols at Shepherd's Bush Empire were

simply stunning. Literally the best rock 'n' roll band around. If you accept

Oasis and to my mind 3 Colours Red are the most exciting rock 'n' roll bands in

the country, then accept this: that both Noel Gallagher and Chris

McCormack told

me separately that 'they are better than us'. I stood with Noel as he sang

every song. Steve Jones is the man The Throb has always wanted to be. It is

lazy to say they are cabaret. They blew everybody...

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