Nick Jonas Violates About 50 Food Safety Rules In His New ‘Bacon’ Video

Nick's all up in everyone's meat

In his new video for “Bacon,” Nick Jonas rounds up his squad and infiltrates a New Orleans diner, where they feast on late-night breakfast grub and bro out with former Glee actor Chord Overstreet. Ultimately, they turn the casual joint into a legit rave, as the overhead lights flicker and everyones dances off the calories they just consumed from loads of syrup and starch. Which, honestly, all looks really fun, except that our fave meat-slinging crooner violates at least a dozen food safety rules in the process. SMH, NJ.

Exhibit A: At one point, Nick saunters up to a dude’s table, swipes his bacon away with his bare hands, and then puts in on another dude’s plate of pancakes! WTF is that?!


Exhibit B: Nick meanders into the kitchen, where he confronts a cook wearing an apron and gloves, a.k.a. the things you’re supposed to wear when handling other people’s food. But he ignores protocol, ditches decency, and carries on flippin' meat.


Exhibit C: Nick then takes said bacon and sticks his face into it before bringing the plates back out to share with everyone. UM, WHAT? Forget Ariana Grande’s doughnut-licking scandal; this is worse.


Besides Nick’s severe disregard for food safety regulations, the video also features Ty Dolla $ign in a satellite locale, where hydraulic cars bounce around and scantily clad women dance in a haze of smoke. Nick and his crew also sport custom snapbacks advertising his upcoming album, Last Year Was Complicated, which drops June 10. Gotta work in that album plug along with that plug for greasy meat ... speaking of which, is anyone else really craving bacon right now?

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