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'Django Unchained': Unpacking The Second Trailer

Filled with new footage and a surprise cameo, this new look at Quentin Tarantino's latest is our best yet.

The second trailer for Quentin Tarantino's Southern, "Django Unchained," debuted online, showing us a slightly different movie than we've seen up until this point. The funk of the first trailer is gone, replaced by the spaghetti western themes Tarantino often used.

We've unpacked the new "Django Unchained" trailer to explain what's new and what has us so excited.

Serving Up Some Spaghetti

Ever since Tarantino shared the secret of his next project, "Django Unchained" was defined as a spaghetti western set in the pre-Civil War South. The first trailer certainly showed us the "western" and the "pre-Civil War South," but the "spaghetti" was largely missing. The spaghetti western genre, which is thusly named because the films came from Italy, has a style immediately recognizable to those who know it, so its absence in the first few trailers -- save a few jarring zooms -- stood out. The second domestic trailer, however, fixes this immediately by replacing the funky tones of the first with the blaring horns of an Ennio Morricone-inspired score.

Broomhilda von Shaft

Mostly existing as a goal rather than a character, Django's wife, Broomhilda, shares more of the trailer's spotlight this time around. The draft of the screenplay that made the rounds online featured a meaty side story that focused on Broomhilda's journey after she gets separated from Django. In the new trailer, we get a fuller view of her presence in the story, outside of Django's flashbacks.

The Candie Man

"Adult supervision is required," indeed. Leonardo DiCaprio as Calvin Candie has, until now, hidden the more twisted aspects of his character. As the plantation owner in possession of Broomhilda, he's a bad guy on principle, but the previous trailer painted him as a mild eccentric, but here we see the real menace that will preside over the explosive conclusion of "Django Unchained."

Old Man Samuel L.

Part of what makes Calvin so dangerous is that he has Stephen on his side. Played by an aged-up Samuel L. Jackson, Stephen is the only person on Candie's plantation that holds sway over him. When Django and Dr. King Schultz arrive at Candie Land to rescue Broomhilda, it's Stephen who smells something fishy.

Jonah Hill

Undoubtedly the biggest surprise of the trailer comes near its end. Jonah Hill's cameo made it into the second trailer. The scene, which Tarantino described at San Diego Comic-Con as probably the funniest thing he ever wrote, involves Hill's character as a part of a posse, asking the rest of the gang if anyone brought another hood.

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