Should Jenna Have Reconciled With Her 'Awkward' Ex Luke?

She planned to concentrate on work, but romance got in the way.

A ghost from Jenna Hamilton’s past is getting a second shot at life, but was it a mistake for her to rattle his headstone in the first place?

On tonight’s Awkward episode, Jenna, who’d just impulsively slept with her ex-boyfriend (and new co-worker) Luke, decided to chalk up the experience to a one-night stand. It would be unwise, she concluded, to pursue something more intense when her position at new web-editorial destination IdeaBin was potentially at stake. Jenna was determined to get published and saw Luke as an impediment to short-term career goals.

“IdeaBin was my big shot, and I couldn’t mess it up by getting distracted with Luke drama,” she said.

But when Jenna honestly shared the opinion with Luke and noticed he was totally unmoved, she got depressed and, consequently, realized how invested she’d become. Her feelings for her former boyfriend hadn’t totally subsided, and now that Jenna had virtually no entanglements with Matty, she realized things might not be so complicated with Luke if she committed to him a second time.


“I had been trying so hard to avoid drama with Luke that I hadn’t realized I was the one causing it,” Jenna realized. “Dating Luke when I was no longer hung up on Matty? That was like dating Luke for the first time.”

And so, the former couple let go of their misgivings and decided to move forward with a summer romance. But will it be doomed by the start of fall semester?

What do you think: Is it the right time for Jenna to get involved with Luke now that she and Matty are on the outs? Or should she trust her initial instincts to steer clear of a reunion, especially when it could reflect poorly on her in the workplace? Share your thoughts, and stay tuned for a brand new episode of Awkward next Tuesday at 10/9c!