Billie Eilish Stands Over A Friend's Bed In 'Bury A Friend' – Guess What Happens

Her debut album is out March 29

Billie Eilish surprised the world when she announced her debut studio album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, and unveiled its spooky cover. It looks like that creepy motif will run throughout all the songs, if the single she released on Wednesday (January 30) is any indicator. Eilish dropped the video for “Bury a Friend” and you shouldn’t watch it without a nightlight on and a rosary around your neck.

In the visual, Eilish, with some seriously scary all-black eyes, lurks underneath the bed of a friend before standing and watching him sleep. Throughout the video, hands grip her face and twist her head, and she’s injected with enough needles to make even the bravest people squeamish.

It’s an unsettling accompaniment to the equally hellish, minimalistic song. Eilish’s unique vocal range already makes her music hit differently; the added effect of the video’s spookiness means that “Bury a Friend” will stay with you long after its dark climax.

Eilish’s upcoming album comes out on March 29. It follows her debut EP, Don’t Smile At Me, that dropped in 2017. “Bury a Friend” is a bold indicator of how her album may possibly sound. Make sure you have an exorcist and priest on standby. To get more of her signature minimal style, listen to her contribution to Music Inspired by the Film Roma, “When I Was Older.”