Jennifer Aniston Drawn To 'Fun Road-Chase Aspect' In 'Bounty Hunter'

'It's not a traditional romantic comedy,' she says of her flick with Gerard Butler.

[movieperson id="1646"]Jennifer Aniston[/movieperson] is playing a reporter in her new rom-com "The Bounty Hunter," opening this weekend. She said she took the role of Nicole Hurley in the film, which also stars [movieperson id="206199"]Gerard Butler[/movieperson] as her onscreen ex, because she felt it would give her the chance to try out a new challenge: action.

"It was the whole plot, the whole story that I was attracted to," she told MTV News. "I love that she was a reporter. She was kind of an ambitious reporter and so much so that she would jump bail in order to get her story. [It has a] fun road-chase aspect. [It's] a fun action/comedy. It's not a traditional romantic comedy."

In the flick, Nicole finds herself in a traffic-related conundrum that leads to her getting in trouble with the police when she decides to skip her court date to meet up with one of her sources. When the bounty hunter comes looking for her, it happens to be her ex-husband, played by Butler. As you would imagine, flirty, crazy antics ensue. [article id="1634101"]Butler said the pair[/article] had great chemistry.

"You know, that's a hard one to explain. Who knows why? You either just have chemistry or you don't. I'm like a fun-loving, energetic guy, and she's boisterous," he said on the red carpet at the film's premiere. "She's got a lovely personality, and there's this action-packed, fun script. We're always going to, I think, have a good chemistry."

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