Demi Lovato Looking To Have 'John Mayer-ish' Songs On New Album

'Hopefully I can write with people like him,' the Disney star says of singer/songwriter.

Demi Lovato [article id="1593780"]may be a metalhead[/article], but when she heads back into the studio, she'll actually be harnessing a sound more on par with adult contemporary radio. She recently told MTV News that her follow-up to last fall's "Don't Forget" will be much softer.

"I'm actually recording ... well, writing the album right now. It's going to take a different sound, so hopefully it goes over well," she said. "I sing a lot of rock, but this time I want to do more John Mayer-ish type of songs. Hopefully I can write with people like him. I love their music -- it would be amazing."

The teen also admits that although she may have penned a few songs, she hasn't really done enough of the work to know when fans should expect to hear the album. "I'm guessing August," she said. "We don't have any of the songs ready yet, but I'm guessing August."

On top of putting out new music, Lovato will also be touring. "I'll be headlining an arena tour and that will be throughout the summer," she said. "Maybe May to August, [or] September-ish."

Of course, Lovato isn't just busy with her music career -- she also is poised to debut her new Disney series, [article id="1603366"]"Sonny With a Chance,"[/article] on February 8. "The show is actually a sitcom. It's the Disney version of '30 Rock,' " she said of the show's premise. "On that show, we have a rivalry with another show, and there's so many, like, crazy plotlines. I play this girl who comes to L.A., or Hollywood, and is kind of thrown into all this madness."

Plus, later this year, Lovato will begin shooting the [article id="1603328"]sequel to "Camp Rock,"[/article] along with the Jonas Brothers. "We're going to be shooting it at the end of the next year," she said. "Actually this year, woo! So, we'll be shooting it late 2009, and hopefully I'll be shooting it after I do a tour."