Matthew Lewis Just Ruined And Then Resurrected His Sexy Magazine Photos

We literally just went from <i>OH NO</i> to <i>OOH LA LA</i> over this 'Harry Potter' star's photos.

We were all dangerously close to dehydration thanks to all the drooling Matthew Lewis' sexy Attitude Magazine shoot caused us earlier this summer.

But then, the "Harry Potter" star went and threw a big cup of cold water on everyone -- is "Summerdonnacus" the proper spell name for SIMMER DOWN NOW? -- when he whipped out a face-transplanted version of himself as a pre-pubescent Neville Longbottom with his now super-chiselled figure in the spread, and we were reduced to a series of horrified emoji guys (😨😨😨😨😨😨😨).

To be fair, he didn't actually make the image himself, and he admitted to being equally terrified by the picture, but he still put it out there and some things just cannot be unseen.

We used to really, really like looking at this picture.


neville longbottom atttidue magazine

But now? RUINED. Thanks, guy.

But we can't be too mad about it because, presumably to make this mean move up to us, he just shared a new, even MORE smoldering outtake from the steamy shoot from photographer Jason Sinclair (whose Instagram page is chock full of eye candy).

Matt, you're officially forgiven.