31 Ways to Live Every Day Like A 'Bob’s Burgers' Kid

Don't have a crap attack.

The hilarious and wacky Belcher family returns for season five of "Bob's Burgers" on October 5 - hopefully with more songs, butt jokes and food puns galore.

What set’s the cartoon apart from the likes of “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy” is that the kids act like kids- and they’re each uniquely awesome. Even though Tina is the oldest, she’s far from your typical bratty teenage character. Louise is the sharpest (yet somewhat psychotic) 9 year –old. And Gene is always there to protect his siblings. While they’re just children, there’s a lot we can learn from them. They embrace their weirdness, defy gender roles and live every day bombastically.

“Bob’s Burgers” may be on just once a week, but here’s how to channel your inner Belcher kid, every single day:

1. Embrace your true self (of the day).

2. Ooze confidence.

3. But remember, we're all flawed humans.

4. Browse obscure Wikipedia pages so your threats sound educated and scary.

5. Give your siblings a little encouragement.

6. And always stand by each other.

7. No matter what the request.

8. Click it or ticket!

9. Write some creative essays and "Friend Fiction" at school.

10. Explore unconventional careers.

11. Stand up for gender equality.#HeForShe

12. As well as LGBT rights.

13. Treat yourself, but don't eat to drown your feelings.

14. Remember to send your parents a thoughtful message.

15. Ask only for the essentials.

16. Admire some butts in all their glory.

17. Defend your crushes.

18. Don't be afraid to make the first move.

19. While not having a crap attack.

20. Instead, make that "charm bomb" explode.

21. Be up to date on the latest trash talk.

22. Find a hobby you're passionate about.

23. Outsmart the bullies with sass.

(Or, hiring a biker gang to scare them away, that works too).

24. Go ahead, tell everyone how you really feel.

25. But it's okay to show your soft side.

26. The first step in conquering your fears is acknowledgment.

27. Let your inner child out.

28. Make family mealtime inspirational.

29. Question everything.

30. Stay out past bedtime.

31. And when in doubt, dance while you work!