Chris Evans Says James Spader Is 'Intimidating' In 'The Avengers: Age Of Ultron'

The sequel is 'Avengers 1, but upgraded,' says Evans

So, how villainous will James Spader be as Ultron in "The Avengers: Age Of Ultron?" Well, according to Captain America himself, Chris Evans, there's one word to describe Spader: "Intimidating. Have you met him?," Evans told MTV News at San Diego Comic-Con.

"Just having a conversation with the guy, I mean, it feels like he's looking into your soul," Evans revealed. "He's just a very present person and he has a beautiful speech pattern and he's kind of perfect for a Marvel villain."

Evans, who describes the sequel as "'Avengers 1,' but upgraded," dished a little on the relationships between characters in the forthcoming flick. While he didn't name names on who Cap might be interacting with the most, Evans emphasized why their dynamics play a strong role.

"The movie's not going to be any good if it's just based on special effects and explosions. There needs to be character relationships, there needs to be human dynamic," he said. "There are so many beautiful bonds between these characters that [director] Joss [Whedon] kind of employs to make these movies work."

Speaking of characters, be sure to watch for the surprise Avengers character cameo at the end of the interview.

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