Daniel Radcliffe: Harry Potter Was Great Because He Wasn't 'Happy All The Time'

Yer a wizard, Harry. A complex wizard.

The "Harry Potter" series of books and the subsequent movies may have been geared towards children and young adults, but Daniel Radcliffe, who spent his formative years playing the boy wizard, insists that Harry wasn't just a simple kid character.

"I think he did have a lot of complexity, Harry, and he wasn't just the happy all the time, constantly winning hero," he said.

The predilection toward more complex roles continues as Radcliffe's career moves forward. In his latest movie, "Horns," he plays a man who is accused of killing his girlfriend, then grows a pair of horns that force people to tell the truth. So, yeah: little dark, definitely complex. (Check out the new trailer for "Horns" that MTV News debuted today.)

"I think unless a character has more than a couple of dimensions to him, it's not very interesting, really," he said.

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