'Fuller House'’s Second Season Will Have More Twin Power

Holy Chalupas!

Filming for Fuller House's second season is well underway, and twins Nicky and Alex Katsopolis (Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit) are apparently reprising their roles again. (Netflix clearly must have taken note of my previous article about things Season 2 needs.) The brothers were on the pilot of the Full House spin-off, but that was simply not enough screen time IMO. They grew up from adorable kids with bowlcuts to zany college bros who drove their parents crazy.

Their TV mom, Lori Loughlin, shared a pic of the trio Tuesday (July 19) and it's some serious cuteness overload. "Not so little anymore," she captioned on Instagram.

It's unclear exactly how many and which episodes the Tuomy-Wilhoits are filming, but a couple of fans claim they'll be part of the highly anticipated Thanksgiving episode. To be honest, having Nicky and Alex on for the Thanksgiving episode makes tons of sense, but people are also speculating about whether the Olsen twins will be there as well, though nothing has been hinted at or confirmed.

A couple of weeks ago, Dylan shared some Instas from the set — and teased fans on Twitter about his return — including a video of him crashing his TV dad, John Stamos's, Spanish lesson from Juan Pablo Di Pace, who plays Kimmy Gibbler's lover, Fernando.

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