'American Horror Story': Is [SPOILER] Actually The Ten Commandments Killer?

Things are starting to really make sense now.

"American Horror Story: Hotel" hasn't slowed down since it's Oct. 7 premiere. Right off the bat, we were not only thrust into The Countess' (Lady Gaga) world, but also the slippery slope that is Detective John Lowe's (Wes Bentley) life. While battling ghosts and serial killer parties in the Hotel Cortez, Lowe is also on the hunt for the infamous Ten Commandments Killer — which seems to be a reference to John Doe, the "Seven Deadly Sins" serial killer in the movie "Se7en."

On the episode "Flicker," which aired Nov. 18, Lowe meets vampire child Wren (Jessica Belkin), who is just as tangled up in the Ten Commandments killings as he is. She even admits to helping the murderer when a cop happens to catch him in the act. Girl, sort out your priorities, 'mkay?

Soon after, Wren leads Lowe to the alleged Ten Commandments Killer's house, then is all "LOL, bye," and jumps in front of a bus. So, we still don't know who the serial killer is, but Reddit user BocoCHutternut concocted a surprisingly convincing theory that has us counting down the hours until this week's episode.

The theory begins with Liz Taylor (Denis O'Hare).


AHS Hotel Liz Taylor

Liz Taylor (née Nick Prior), The Hotel Cortez' sassy bartender, revealed her complicated past. She left her wife and young son to live her life as the woman she always knew she was. During a flashback scene, her son draws her a picture of a plane, proudly sharing it with her. But, she hardly looks at it, pointing out the flaws with the drawing instead. Ouch.

"Since Liz never left the Cortez AFTER that backstory, it is safe to assume that her son probably resented [her] since then. He could have tried anything to fill the void that the absence of his father caused... And religion, especially in a midwestern city like Topeka, was probably his answer," BocoCHutternut pointed out. The Reddit user then postulates Liz's son could've become hooked on phonics the Ten Commandments, which would eventually fuel his murderous desire.

Liz Taylor's son is the key.


Liz Taylor AHS

Because the flashbacks of Liz's backstory occurred in 1984, BocoCHutternut believes, "By 2015, Liz's son would be about 39-41 years old [assuming he was about 6-8 years old when his dad left]."

The Reddit user then drops a major bombshell on the "AHS" fandom. He or she believes Will Drake (Cheyenne Jackson) is actually the Ten Commandments Killer — and Drake is Liz's son all grown up. WHAT.

There's plenty of evidence.

To help get his or her point across, BocoCHutternut linked out to two previous fan theories that originally claimed Drake was the Ten Commandments Killer. Reddit user SevensAddams thinks Drake bought the Hotel Cortez because he knew its gruesome history and wanted to follow the path James March (Evan Peters) establish back in the day.

The second link is to xobar0's theory (published a month ago) about Drake. This Reddit user points out how the murders didn't start until Drake started looking at buying the hotel. Xobar0 also notes this important tidbit from an earlier episode. "First thing he sees [Lowe], [Drake] mentions, 'He's one of our guests.' BUT he introduces himself for the first time to [Lowe] immediately after that. IE: the two have NEVER seen each other before, yet [Drake] is able to recognize [Lowe] by sight and determine that he's the occupant of Room 64."

BocoCHutternut also linked out to a comment AmericanDragStory made. "[Drake] had a blueprint of the hotel a few episodes back. But he wanted to hide it when Tristan [Finn Wittrock] walked in." Since people tend to hide things they don't want others to find out about, it's safe to assume Drake knew about the secret chambers and chutes built by March, and was thinking about how to use them for his agenda.

But who is Will Drake, really?

Suzanne Tenner / FX

AHS Hotel Will Drake

It should also be noted Drake "is the only major character without a back story," according to BocoCHutternut. He has a son named Lachlan (Lyric Lennon), he likes men and also enjoys the company of The Countess. We also know he's a fashion designer and the new owner of the Hotel Cortez. But, that's about it.

Because Liz abandoned her son, shortly after snubbing his plane illustration, BocoCHutternut wonders, "Is it possible that [Drake] decided to become a fashion designer to get the approval he never got from his father?" We're not certain, but that definitely makes sense to us. Guess we'll have to wait until this week's Dec. 2 episode before we learn anything more.

What do you think about this fan theory? Is it right on the mark or totally off-base? Sound off in the comments!


AHS Hotel Lady Gaga

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