Who Knew Karl Lagerfeld's Bodyguard Was Such A Babe?

Did we sleep on this?

BABE ALERT. Karl Lagerfeld just released a video featuring his personal assistant and bodyguard, Sebastien Jondeau, entitled "How To Be The Perfect Bodyguard In 10 Steps," and whoaaa, my friends. How did we miss this? Sebastien is pretty easy on the eyes–not to mention he's a total badass.

If you want to protect Chanel's creative director, it appears from this tutorial that you have to have model good looks (which isn't surprising considering his cat also doubles as a print model and fashion icon), and you apparently also have to "practice one combat sport, but keep your face intact" and "never relax." Whew, we're tired just thinking about it.

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Sebastien Jondeau

Jondeau has modeled for A.P.C., appeared in a short film with Keira Knightley celebrating Chanel's 100th anniversary, walked in the Chanel Paris/Dallas Métiers d'Art 2014 show, and is the face of the Lagerfeld brand and LAGERFELD collection for Fall/Winter 13/14.

In an exclusive excerpt from Fashionista, the former soldier and boxer revealed exactly how he got such a plum gig. Turns out after he left the army, he "was working on several different things at the same time" with a crew of guys who lived in his neighborhood, one of those things just so happened to be "the company that looked after the furniture collections in [Karl's] various houses." They got along like wildfire.

Jondeau elaborates further:

Mr. Lagerfeld knew I was into various combat sports, and that I boxed. He was interested in what I did, and we were friendly, and so I took a chance one day and told him that if he ever needed a bodyguard, I was available. Soon after, I started working for him—not really as his bodyguard, but more as a kind of driver and right-hand man, although I’d take care of his safety, too, when we were traveling around.

Sebastien Jondeau

Sebastien Jondeau

When asked if he had to deal with potential scuffles with Lagerfeld groupies or angry editors, Jondeau demurred with, "We try to avoid physical contact as much as humanly possible when we are protecting someone" and that "our brains are our primary weapons before resorting to brawn."

At this point, we think Uncle Karl and company might want to rewrite their list to actually reflect the goods on hand. You've got a dude who's skilled in hand-to-hand combat, attractive, brainy, and sounds like Dalton from Road House? He's definitely one certified bodyguard babe.

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Sebastien Jondeau