Paul Giamatti Blurs Reality For Philip K. Dick Biopic 'Owl In Daylight'

While "Your Name Here," an unlicensed biography starring Bill Pullman and Taryn Manning, eyes a Sundance debut, Oscar nominee Paul Giamatti is setting his sights on a competing Dick project, titled "The Owl in Daylight."

"There's a guy writing a script right now," Giamatti told us.

The "The Owl in Daylight," which Dick was unable to finish before his death in 1982, is a complicated tale that involves Ed Firmley, a B-movie composer, a race of aliens that have evolved without the ability to hear sounds, and our deeply held believes about art, happiness, and, oh yeah, heaven. You know, light stuff.

But if reading the wiki synopsis makes the story sound complicated, that's nothing compared to how Giamatti and Co. are handling Dick's life – as a sort of Charlie Kauffman-esque experiment in blurring fiction and reality.

"The idea is to take one of his last stories and put him as a character in the story," Giamatti revealed. "A lot of his stories were about reality getting bent around, so we're trying to do that."

We've long been a fan of the author, but what's with the sudden fascination into his life?

"Well he was mentally ill in a lot of ways and he had lots of problems; he was married many times, was paranoid about a lot of things," Giamatti explained. "Strange guy. He had a very interesting, complicated life."

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