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New Faithless Album Features Dido Contribution

Trip-hop group's Outrospective hits stores July 10.

After giving her the chance to shine on their first two albums, trip-hop trio Faithless have again employed Dido's angelic vocals on their latest album, Outrospective, due July 10, according to the group's publicist.

However, unlike 1996's Reverence and 1998's Sunday 8pm, the 12-track Outrospective features the airy-voiced songstress singing guest vocals on only one song, "One Step Too Far." Perhaps that's because she's been busy lately. Dido, the sister of Faithless mastermind Rollo Armstrong, has sold nearly 3 million copies of her 1999 debut album — the Armstrong-produced No Angel — and her single "Thank You" is at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100.

Faithless — Armstrong, Sister Bliss and Maxi Jazz — began working on Outrospective last summer, according to their label, which issued a statement saying the new album covers a broad range of emotion, "from melancholy to mad love, from glorious empowerment to bittersweet tales of love gone wrong."

"We Come 1" will be the album's first single, expected to hit radio in August. A U.S. tour is in the works for October, the publicist said.

Outrospective's track list, according to Faithless' publicist:

  • "Donny X"

  • "Not Enuff Love"
  • "We Come 1"
  • "Crazy English Summer"
  • "Muhammed Ali"
  • "Machines R Us"
  • "One Step Too Far"
  • "Tarantula"
  • "Giving Myself Away"
  • "Code"
  • "Evergreen"
  • "Liontamer"