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Josh Hutcherson Is 'Really Proud' Of Jennifer Lawrence For Calling Out 'F--king Embarrassing' Wage Gap

"The Rusted" star has some strong feelings on patriarchal BS.

Just last week, Jennifer Lawrence blew the lid off the Hollywood patriarchy when she revealed her true feelings about being paid less than her male costars in "American Hustle": and the TL; DR is that JLaw agrees with us all that wage inequality really, really sucks.

“I would be lying if I didn’t say there was an element of wanting to be liked that influenced my decision to close the deal without a real fight," she wrote, echoing a sentiment that millions of women feel. "I didn’t want to seem 'difficult' or 'spoiled.'"

One person who clearly knows that Lawrence isn't either of those things is her longtime "Hunger Games" costar and real-life friend Josh Hutcherson, who sung his BFF's praises when MTV News caught up with him at a junket for his new short film "The Rusted."

"I felt great. I thought it was incredible," Hutcherson said. "I was a little late to read it. Someone was like, 'did you read that thing about Jen?' and I was like, 'No? What?' Because I'm not on social things, or whatever. To even have to say the words 'women's pay' sounds so backwards and f--ked up and not modern in any way, shape or form. And so for Jen to use her platform to speak about it in her classic Jen way, just blunt, saying what she thinks, I think it's great. Obviously it's something that should have happened decades and decades and decades ago, and the fact that it's something we're still dealing with now is f--king embarrassing and shocking.

"I'm really proud of her, and happy," Hutcherson continued. "She's always been a little gun-shy... she's always said what she thinks, but as far as tackling issues, she's never really stepped up to do that. It's nice to see her now taking that step, being progressive, and using her voice not just to make people laugh."

Hutcherson has a whole lot of experience with using his platform for good, having started Straight But Not Narrow to benefit the LGBTQ community, and partnered with Joe Biden for the It's On Us campaign to prevent sexual assault. But when it comes to Lawrence, Hutcherson agreed that her self-described need to seem cool, or nice, might have prevented her from speaking up in the past.

"It's like what she said in the essay... talking about how she needs to be nice or seem adorable, or whatever it is," Hutcherson explained. "It's cool that she spoke out like that, and hopefully she does it more... it's just so f--king shocking that a guy and girl coming out of college with the exact same degree, women will get paid significantly less. How is that even a real thing? It's mind-blowing."

We agree with you, Mellark. We really, really do.

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