Quentin Tarantino Fears His 'Big Chin' Will Be Roast Target

'I'm not going to give them any ammunition!' director tells MTV News before Friars Club roast.

Far too early on a rainy and cold Wednesday morning (December 1) in Midtown Manhattan, [movieperson id="100683"]Quentin Tarantino[/movieperson] and his friends gathered for an infamous Friars Club roast. Afterward, the Oscar-winning writer/director may no longer be friends with the folks who hurled barbs his way, but on the pre-roast red carpet, everyone was in good spirits.

As Tarantino walked the carpet before the festivities, he was determined not to let his pals know what was most "roast-able" about him.

"I'm not going to give them any ammunition! If Sarah Silverman hasn't realized I have a big chin, I'm not going to bring it up right now," he laughed to MTV News.

Silverman, a veteran of Comedy Central roasts, was just a few feet away and admitted, "I have no good chin jokes!"

"I'm not going to feed you any right now!" he told her.

OK, so he might be a little sensitive about that chin. But going after sensitive territory is exactly what roasts are all about. Just take it from director Eli Roth. "You have to find the most personal, sensitive thing that he doesn't want anybody to know and exploit it to the fullest," he explained. "When you give a speech at a roast, it should end your career. I want people to go, 'Eli went too far. That was not funny. That was sick.' I want people to be offended."

Perhaps some people will be offended by the story radio shock-jock Howard Stern related to us.

"[Tarantino] came on my show and was casually talking about smoking hash with Brad Pitt. Quentin went to Brad Pitt's house to convince him to be in 'Inglourious Basterds' and then they started talking about hash. I think Brad had some agreement with his wife that he wasn't going to smoke and all hell broke loose."

Comedian Jeffrey Ross certainly knew what he was doing when he told us one joke he's got lined up for the roast: "Have you ever seen his forehead? His next movie is premiering on it."

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