50 Cent And The Lox Look Past Beef For New 'Animal Ambition' Track

Yonkers trio details their reconciliation with Fif, and a collabo seems like it could land on Fif's June 3 release.

A picture of Jadakiss and Styles P with 50 Cent hit the 'Net last month, and it got excited hip-hop fans speculating about what it could mean. Now, the LOX rappers are explaining how they ended up in the studio with their former foe.

"It was always a mutual respect as a fan, just doing the same kind of music," Jadakiss said on Hot 97's "The Angie Martinez Show" of his relationship with 50.

"Before we ever met each other, we was fans of each other's music," he continued. "Then, whatever happened, happened, and then the whole theatrics of it make you seem like when we take a picture or sit in the studio, it's like an amazing thing, when it was really never even that serious. It gets blown out of proportion."

For a lot of fans, though, it was that serious: Some of New York's most celebrated street rappers -- who exchanged vicious diss tracks earlier in their careers -- were finally making music together? What would that even sound like?

Well, 50 gave MTV News a hint earlier this month when we spoke to him about his June 3 release, Animal Ambition.

"They don't know what to expect from it," the Queens rapper said of listeners' expectations. "What happened was, it was an idea to do a song with Jada, and I did it and I went to Yonkers to go get the record. I come to they 'hood and we just got a chance to kick it. All their homeys was around and everything, so it was the perfect time for me to play music, to get the response out of the actual room and see how they would react to it.

"One joint came on and he just, he went crazy to it," If continued. "Styles was like, 'Oh, man, play that again!' And I was like, 'I'mma leave it, you could just get on it.' "

Fans can likely expect the collaborations to appear on 50's upcoming album. The LOX, meanwhile, released an EP, The Trinity, in December, and are at work on a new album.