This Is President Obama's Favorite Rap Song Right Now

The Pres is cooler than a polar bear's toenail.

Over the years, we've gotten a sense of President Barack Obama's musical tastes. He's called Stevie Wonder his "one musical hero," and in addition to the Stevie, he's said his iPod includes everyone from the Jay Z and Eminem to the Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.

As for his favorite rap song at the moment? That goes to OutKast's "Liberation," a fact the Commander-in-Chief revealed during his #AskPOTUS Twitter Q&A on Wednesday afternoon.

Now, that might currently be his favorite song, but it's not exactly his favorite current song. After all, the track was included on the Atlanta duo's 1998 album Aquemini. That almost makes this even more awesome.

If you're not familiar with "Liberation," you should be -- and not just because POTUS loves it. It's a melodic group jam that brings Andre 3000 and Big Boi together with Cee-Lo, Erykah Badu and Big Rube.

Also, I know he mentioned the Black Keys and "Lonely Boy," and all due respect to them and that song, but "Liberation" is one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite albums, so seeing this just had me like...



It's not just how much I love this track, though. It's about the meaning behind it -- freeing yourself from the judgment of others, from the expectations of society, from self-doubt -- and Obama rocking to that message and music, too.

I'm pretty sure I'm gonna look like this walking home later.



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