Jim Carrey Invades 'Argo'

Oscar-winning director Ben Affleck managed to make this year's Best Picture, "Argo," unforgettable, a sentiment with which the Academy clearly agreed. As exciting as the caper was throughout, it was the climax scene -- the great escape! -- that made the movie a commercial and critical success.

Would it have had the same resonance, though, if rubber-faced funnyman Jim Carrey bamboozled his way into the film? Well, it wouldn't necessarily have been as affecting, per se, but it sure would be a spectacle to watch, as proven in this "alternative ending" that throws Fire Marshall Bill into the mix.

Look, we're not pretending that Jim Carrey doesn't have finely-tuned dramatic chops. Believe us, we've seen "Man on the Moon," "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," and "The Truman Show" enough times to know. But "Argo" might not have been the best casting choice, after all. Good thinking, Ben.