Demi Lovato Performed At Hilary Clinton Rally -- So, Are Lovatics Gonna Vote For Hil?

When pop gets political.

Ah, the power of pop star endorsements! In the same way that Britney fans would subliminally choose a Pepsi over a Coke, Demi Lovato fans might swing toward choosing Hilary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in the upcoming Presidential election. At least, that's Hil's goal, right?

Hilary Clinton, harnessing the power of fandom, teamed up with Lovato for Thursday's rally at the University of Iowa. Lovato performed her song "Yes" for 1,600 supporters, and said some nice things about Clinton.

Of course, I give fans a lot more credit, and you won't hear me saying "She loves Demi, so, by logic, she'll vote for Hilary." I know that people can come to their own conclusions and make informed decisions about their vote. But there is some influence in celeb endorsements: One 18-year-old told The New York Times yesterday that he was planning on voting for Donald Trump... until he heard that Lovato was opening for Clinton. "Demi is cool. She’s got my vote,” he said.

Does Demi's cameo have a direct correlation with her fans' votes? Let's see what they're saying:

A lot of people were saying that Clinton's rally was filled with Demi fans, regardless of whether they liked Clinton or not.

Celebrity endorsements = sure-fire way to win? Maybe not.

Do your own thing!

At least it's not Trump...

Urban legend says that Demi's twin is still living in a basement, so this person will be voting for Bernie.

So, that's settled.

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