Hey Ladies, Drake's Dad Is Looking For A 'Classy Female Rapper' To Collaborate With

Serious inquiries only.

Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham, who is also a musician, is looking for a rapper to join him on a new single he’s working on.

But the MC in question has to have some specific characteristics to work with Graham.

"I am in search of a classy female rapper to collaborate with me on my new single,” he said in an Instagram post. “Not looking for ghetto style rapper. Serious inquiries only. Please DM me.”

There you have it. If you’re serious, give him a shout.

We have to wonder if he’s given Drake a call about this ongoing search for the right female rapper to work with. We’re pretty sure Drizzy wouldn’t have a hard time finding someone for his pops to work with.

And thanks to this Instagram post, we were reminded that Drake’s dad is quite the ladies man. Since joining Instagram, he’s basically turned it into InstaGraham and there are tons of pics to prove it.

Now we’re really looking forward to hearing what this collaboration is going to sound like. Hopefully it'll sound as cool as Dennis Graham looked in the video for "Worst Behavior." Remember?

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