Nick Cannon Claims Mariah Carey's 'Obsessed' Is About Him, Not Eminem

'I am obsessed with this beautiful girl right here,' he says on 'America's Got Talent.'

Despite what you might think about [artist id="976"]Mariah Carey's[/artist] single and video for [article id="1614088"]"Obsessed" being directed at Eminem[/article], when the singer made an appearance Wednesday night on husband [artist id="1233784"]Nick Cannon's[/artist] show "America's Got Talent," Cannon used it as another chance to insist the song isn't about Em.

"I don't care what nobody say, that song is about me, because I am obsessed with this beautiful girl right here," Cannon said on the show after Carey performed the controversial track. "This beautiful woman next to me has more #1 hit singles than any single artist in the world. How do you do it?"

After Carey clarified that the Beatles have more hit singles than her, Cannon added, "We ain't worried about them, because it's all about Mariah right now. ... She's modest, she's beautiful. Ladies and gentlemen, my soul mate, Mariah Carey."

[article id="1614543"]Cannon had been angling to get Carey on the show[/article] since its premiere earlier this summer. "They keep asking me that — I don't know. It's a possibility. She loves the show," he told MTV News in June. "She has a hot new album coming out. It's the hottest show on TV, so why wouldn't that work out? So hopefully the timing works out and she does get to come represent."

He also had previously mentioned that [article id="1615108"]he thought the song was about him[/article] when he spoke to us while promoting "AGT." "I always say I thought the record was about me, 'cause I'm obsessed with my wife," he said. "But if somebody's out there and you feel like you might have been obsessed, then the record's about you."

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