Tinashe Walks Us Through That Time She Was In Justin Bieber's 'Baby' Video


Remember how Tinashe was in of of the biggest music videos of the entire Internet era? Well, she was.

Back in 2010, the singer -- at the time a relative unknown -- made a brief cameo in Justin Bieber's "Baby" video, which now has more than 1.1 billion views.

But how did she end up in the teen singer's breakout? In a scene where she sat next to Drake and Lil Twist, no less.

"It was super random," the singer told MTV News on Tuesday at Live Nation’s National Concert Day on Tuesday. "I think they just asked me if I wanted to be in the video as a cameo, and I was just like, 'Sure.' I wasn't doing anything. So I just came and did it and I didn't really know what to expect. Drake was in it. Good times."

Drake wasn't just in it -- he was next to Tinashe. And four years later, in 2014, when she found her breakout hit with "2 On," Drizzy decided to remix it.

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"It's really kind of funny," she said, thinking back to that scene and what would happen years later, without them keeping in touch. "It's really ironic."

"We talked a little bit that day. I talked to both of them a little bit at the set. It wasn't like after that we kept in touch or anything."

How 'bout they all get back in touch now and collab?

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