Taylor Swift Took Her Brother To The Golden Globes Because AWWW!

Taylor Swift took brother Austin Swift to the 71st Golden Globe Awards! See the photo.

Would you just look at them Swift kids?

Oh my God, did you see Taylor Swift at last night's Golden Globe Awards? Not only did she get photo bombed by Jennifer Lawrence while decked out in an adult-princess Carolina Herrara gown, but Taylor brought her younger brother Austin as her date! CUTE.

Ugh, if only we'd been born into the Swift lineage. We'd get to go to amazing star-studded award ceremonies, walk around all day, every day with that beautiful-people DNA, grow up on a Christmas tree farm -- just imagine!

Anyway, back to the real world. While the "Sweeter Than Fiction" singer did not win the Best Original Song award she was nominated for -- that went to U2 and Danger Mouse, FYI -- she and Austin easily took home Cutest Red Carpet Siblings of the Night!

But, believe it or not, it was almost cuter. According to one of Taylor's pre-show tweets, Austin suggested they show up in their "jammies" this year!

AH! Remember those plaid onesies Taylor and Austin got for Christmas? We almost saw them in action IRL. Ugh, it's probably a good thing we didn't, because that much adorableness might've re-aligned the planets, upset the ocean currents, and brought the moon crashing down to Earth.

I mean worth it, but still...

Photo credit: Getty Images