Google Harry Styles' Man Bun Recently? You're Not The Only One

While I have been appreciating Harry Styles' man bun since its birth, it looks like I'm not the only ones. Google recently shared its most-searched-for beauty trends and—surprise, surprise—man buns top the list for dudes.


Man Bun

As this graph illustrates, people started searching for the hairstyle way more than ever before this year. According to Google's analysis, man buns are so popular due, in large part, to Hollywood's embrace of the style, particularly thanks to early adopters Jared Leto and Leonardo DiCaprio.


Man Bun

While Jared and Leo are credited with ~introducing~ us to man buns, it's Mr. Styles who has become the poster boy for them—people are searching for his hair way, waaaay more than Jared or Leo's. I know I am ?.

Ohstylesno Tumblr

Harry Styles

After searching for man bun inspiration, the search queries are mostly how-to related, with "how to do," "how to grow," and "how to tie" topping the list.

Fortunately, man bun hopefuls, your boy Harry has demonstrated his approach numerous times, which means you can cop the style straight from the man himself. The key is in the separation—good luck!

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