'Valentine's Day' Star Jessica Alba Fantasizes About 'Say Anything' Scene

The married actress lists her favorite rom-coms but says they can't compare to real life.

Jessica Alba loves herself a good romantic comedy. And of the many movies in the genre that have left an indelible mark on the actress, one of those flicks happens to be from her "Valentine's Day" director Garry Marshall and co-star Julia Roberts.

"I love 'Pretty Woman,' of course," Alba said when she sat down for a cozy dessert for two with MTV News. "I love 'Say Anything,' one of my faves. I love the 'Princess Bride,' kind of fantasy romantic comedy."

The married young mother sadly said she'd never been wooed by a man with a boom box, following John Cusack's iconic "Say Anything" scene. "No, I wish!" she said. "I think I still dream about that. I still fantasize that that will happen to me one day in my old age."

So would hubby Cash Warren ever consider fulfulling her dream this February 14? "Yeah ... no. It's not his style," Alba said.

But Alba said there's no comparing Warren's real-life marriage proposal to the one she receives at the opening of "Valentine's Day" -- though she finds it very romantic when Ashton Kutcher's florist character Reed wakes up her work-obsessed Morley by putting a ring on her finger. "Why do you even ask me? Why would you do that? There's no way you can compare."

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