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Christina Milian, Black Eyed Peas Heat Up 'Be Cool' Soundtrack

'Dip It Low' singer has two new songs on the disc.

There's always room in the music industry for another gangster, right? That's the premise of John Travolta's forthcoming film, "Be Cool" -- the sequel to 1995's "Get Shorty" -- for which TVT Records has enlisted a hit list of artists old and new to contribute to the soundtrack.

Due in stores on March 1, the soundtrack features songs from Christina Milian and the Black Eyed Peas, both of whom appear in the film. The album also features tracks from California rappers Baby Bash and Planet Asia, as well as chestnuts from Earth, Wind & Fire, James Brown and others.

"Be Cool" finds gangster-turned-movie-producer Chili Palmer (Travolta) abandoning the film business and bringing his unique talents to the music industry. In the process, he teams up with an old friend who's now an industry bigwig (Uma Thurman).

Milian plays Linda Moon, a talented singer stuck in a cheesy all-girl cover group called Chicks International. She also has a Mafioso-type manager (Vince Vaughn), a thug bodyguard (the Rock) and a record-company boss (Harvey Keitel) all trying to keep her under lock and key. When Chili meets Linda, he spirits her away from her handlers and the cover group and lets her write and record her own songs -- which, naturally, leads to her superstardom.

The soundtrack includes two original tracks that Milian performs in the film, one of which was written by Alicia Keys with "Crazy in Love" producer Rich Harrison. Black Eyed Peas also appear in the film as themselves, performing "Sexy" from their most recent album, Elephunk.

The film also stars Cedric the Entertainer, Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, Andre 3000 and Danny DeVito, among others. The film, directed by F. Gary Gray, is due in theaters on March 4.

Track list for the Be Cool soundtrack, according to TVT Records:

  • Christina Milian - "Ain't No Reason"

  • Christina Milian - "Believer"
  • Black Eyed Peas - "Sexy"
  • Baby Bash - "Suga Suga  (Reggae Remix)"
  • Ellis Regina - "Roda"
  • Sonny & Cher - "A Cowboy's Work Is Never Done"
  • James Brown - "The Boss"
  • The Rock - "You Ain't Woman Enough"
  • Willie Devaughn - "Be Thankful for What You've Got"
  • John Powell - "Cool Chilli"
  • Earth, Wind & Fire - "Fantasy"
  • Planet Asia (featuring Kurupt) - "Gs and Soldiers"
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