There’s A 'Sister Act' Remake In The Works -- But Don't Worry, It's Actually Great News

Oh happy day!

You wouldn't expect a movie about singing nuns to become a pop culture sensation, but since the first "Sister Act" came out in 1992, it's spawned a sequel and even a successful Broadway musical.

Now, Disney is getting back in the habit once again! A remake of the classic film is currently in development, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Now, I hear you already: how dare they remake a classic! Your childhood is ruined! Whoopi Goldberg 5ever!!!

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But don't worry, friends -- once you hear more about how this movie's going to play out, I bet you'll be super pumped. Here's why:

The two screenwriters are women.

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Kirsten "Kiwi" Smith and Karen McCullah have been in the business for years, and there's nobody more fit to write this new movie. How do I know this? Because...

They've written all your favorite girl power movies.

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"Legally Blonde?" Check. "She's The Man?" Check. "The House Bunny?" Check. "10 Things I Hate About You?" Holy crap, those are some good credits.

The movie is also being produced by a woman.

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Namely Allison Shearmur, who recently produced "Cinderella" for Disney. Remember how gorgeous that movie was? Yeah, you're welcome.

The cast will be mostly women (duh).

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It's a movie about nuns, after all -- and this time around, maybe they'll be able to bring more diversity to the cast. Whoopi Golderg was amazing as the witness protection-turned-wimple-wearing Deloris, but the rest of the movie was pretty darn white, and almost a third of all Catholics in the United States these days are latina. Time for some better representation, wouldn't you say?


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Already worn out your "Pitch Perfect 2" soundtrack? The "Sister Act" remake is bound to fill the badass choral void in your heart. Plus, now that a cappella is ~a thing~, maybe we'll get a beatboxing nun! Tell me you wouldn't watch the heck out of that. That's right, you can't, because it's awesome.

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