Nicholas Hoult And Kristen Stewart Reveal How 'Equals' Is Basically Like 'The Hobbit'

Movie magic!

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Movies can make us believe all kinds of things, through photographic trickery, technological wonders and old standard filmmaking tricks. In the "Harry Potter" movies, you'll think that magic is really real (it is, duh). The monsters come to life in movies like "Godzilla" and ghosts spook you the eff out in "Ghostbusters." And in "Equals," well, you can almost believe that stars Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart don't have a height difference of roughly one foot.

At Toronto International Film Festival, Hoult and Stewart joked with MTV News that what Kristen described as "a very, very fundamentally basic but really deep love story" was actually a little "Hobbit"-esque in its use of forced perspective to "Equal"-ize the actors' heights.

"You start with Kristen's character in The Shire, and she has to go on this..." Hoult said, laughing.

Really, the film is about a society in which all emotion has been negged out and individuality snubbed. The characters dress in all white and shun their personal differences, until something changes between Stewart and Hoult's characters.

Intriguing! Check out the video clip to hear more from Stewart, Hoult and director Drake Doremus.

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