[Spoiler] Just Became The First War Of The Worlds 2' Competitor To Switch Sides

Find out when did the player decided to pull off the bold move

Tori: If we lose another elimination, are you guys going to throw me down here?

Team U.S.: Silence

Tori: You know what? I'm going to go to the Brits.

And with that, the Dirty 30 bronze medalist -- who had defeated Georgia moments prior in the Proving Ground -- became the first War of the Worlds 2 turncoat. Ello, Tori!

13 tori brits

The competitors' reaction was mixed: Jordan screamed at his girlfriend, "Let's look at real estate in London, baby!"; Jenny applauded the bold judgement call; and Josh covered his face with his hands in disbelief.

But before viewers see Tori in action with Jenny, Theo, Joss, Kayleigh, Rogan, Dee and CT -- who knew about her decision to take advantage of the Episode 1 twist?

"The only person who officially knew was Jordan, and I tried to convince the Tribunal to throw me a good opponent because I wanted to weaken the U.S. as well as switch over to the U.K.," Tori recently revealed to MTV News. "So I tried to convey to a decent amount of people that I was doing it, but this wasn't until they threw me into an elimination."

"I wasn't going around saying, 'I'm going to switch teams on you guys.'"

While Tori can't pinpoint the exact moment she made the call, it was Jordan's idea at first to leave the Americans in the dust. And even though she was obviously sad to be on opposing game sides as her beau, she felt no remorse for defecting to the other side.

"None of them deserved any of the work I was putting in all season," she said. "I gave it my all every time. You don't deserve for me to fight for you to win if you're going to throw me in every time."

So was she looking forward to playing with anyone from Team U.K.?

"Honestly, I was looking at Joss and Rogan and thinking they would be strong guys. And Jenny too," she added.

Tori is immune from the next win-or-go-home showdown (guys' day), but will she be forced to defend her spot each and every round? How will Jordan perform on Team U.S. without his longtime love, and will the couple truly "run stuff from over there" (aka Team U.K.)? Give your predictions, and do not miss a brand-new War of the Worlds 2 episode on Wednesday at 9/8c.

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