'The Voice' Recap: Meet Team Usher

With Usher's final decision, the talented top 12 singers of "The Voice" were chosen.

Usher was in the hot seat on the last night of playoffs Tuesday night (April 15) as he was tasked with choosing his final three singers and completing the top 12 of "The Voice."

The last night of playoffs was Team Usher's "live or die moment." With just three more slots left in the top 12, Usher made the hard decision to say goodbye to Melissa Jimenez and Stevie Jo.

Here's a closer look at the remaining singers:

Bria Kelly is Back

Bria Kelly was a force to be reckoned with as soon as she hit the blind audition stage, but she lost herself during the battles, and there was a lot riding on her final playoff performance. Wielding her guitar and singing The Rolling Stones' "Wild Horses," Kelly let her emotion and passion shine through with each powerful note she sang. Shelton commended her for also showing her softer side, saying that it was as "golden as [Usher's] shoes." Levine simply said, "You're back," while Kelly's coach grinned from ear-to-ear before moving her on to the live rounds.

It Won't Rain On Josh Kaufman

As Josh Kaufman wowed the coaches and audience with his passionate performance of Bruno Mars' "It Will Rain," Levine couldn't help but "lament" the decision he made that brought Kaufman to Team Usher. Formerly a member of Team Adam, Usher stole Kaufman in the second round of battles, and Usher made it a point to thank Levine after Kaufman closed the show with a tremendous performance. Shakira professed that she was his biggest fan, while Shelton said Kaufman is one of his wife's favorite singers on the show. Sensing that there is a "story yet to be told," Usher chose to move Kaufman on to the live rounds.

T.J. Wilkins Sings Us Something Good

T.J. Wilkins opened the show with an entertaining performance of Chaka Khan's "Tell Me Something Good," and got both his coach and Levine singing along throughout the song. He commanded the stage with ease and had a smile to die for. Usher praised his singer for emanating the "careless, free nature of that time." Wilkins filled the final spot of the top 12.

Be sure to tune in next Monday at 8 p.m. on NBC as "The Voice" finally begins its live rounds.

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