EXCLUSIVE: Edgar Wright Explains His 'Ant-Man' Priorities

So, with Wright's adaptation of "Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World" wrapped, the question now becomes: will the filmmaker turn his attention to Hank Pym next?

"I can’t do two things at once, so [now that 'Scott Pilgrim' is finished] I will return to doing another draft of that one," Wright told MTV News.

According to Wright, there's no timetable for the film, only the desire to come up with a good script to establish the character. We know the hero is on Marvel's movie wish list, but whether the scientist-turned-superhero will eventually have a place on the "Avengers" roster isn't a concern at this stage, he said.

"Because that character isn't one of their biggest properties, it’s not like a tentpole deadline," explained Wright. ""It’s more like me and Kevin [Feige] [saying], 'Let's make a really good script.' We've always agreed on that — 'Lets make a good script that works, that’s all about

a great genre film, and that isn’t necessarily relying on anything else.'"

"It should be a great genre film, so that’s why I did a first draft," he said.

Wright also joked that Marvel's ambitious plans for Ant-Man and the rest of their characters are a subject he has to be very careful saying too much about — under penalty of death.

"I cannot confirm or deny anything," he laughed. "I’ll get killed. ... It's snipers, they’ll kill me!"

"Make sure you put that in there," he said. "The snipers will kill me."

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