Gags Gone Wrong: Which Prank Backfired More On 'Floribama Shore'?

The MTV roomies are weighing in on Aimee's toothpaste and Kortni's luggage

Pranks and PCB do not mix, especially for the MTV Floribama Shore household.

Within 48 hours (and the first two episodes of this season), some mischievous folks (two have been identified, one remains at large) pulled off some practical jokes that did not go over very well with their targets. First up, Codi and Gus intended to "have a little bit of fun" when they moved Kortni's belongings from her intended bedroom to Nilsa's space -- and then put Nilsa's stuff in Kortni's area. Pot-stirrer Codi spilled the beans to Kortni and claimed it was Nilsa who pulled off the stunt. You can guess how Kortni reacted: She went absolutely ballistic, screamed at Nilsa and eventually punched a wall.


After Kortni calmed down, she tearfully confessed that it was especially difficult because everyone knew about her "situation with the room" -- and how there was tension between her and Nilsa about where they would reside this summer. That triggered the culprits to come clean and apologize.

Next, someone took Aimee's toothpaste and squirted it all over the toilet/bathroom floor. Immediately, the Princess Goddess Mermaid (in a blue wig) went after one of the luggage offenders (Codi) and called him a "messy ass." Codi was adamant he didn't do it -- and soon after at a family meeting, Aimee sobbed to the group that taking her item ran deeper than anyone would have thought.


"Some of y'all are rich, and some of us haven't been that," she revealed. "So when your mom buys you toothpaste, that's four dollars out of my mom's pocket that she could have gave my brother for lunch money."

This sensitive Aimee admission didn't spawn a confession (Gus did outright tell her it wasn't him), and we will have to wait to learn the identity of the real crook. But looking back on both pranks, some of the cast spoke to MTV News about which one backfired more. Check out their answers below, then take our poll above to make your pick -- and keep watching MTV Floribama Shore every Monday at 10/9c.


The reactions were crazy on both ends -- Kortni punched a wall and fractured her wrist, and Aimee threw a glass at Gus.


I think the toothpaste, because that resulted in Gus getting hit with a glass. I don't think anyone likes to get hit with glasses. I gave Aimee my toothpaste. I think the toothpaste wins.


The luggage, just because that created a big meltdown between me and Kortni. I do think the toothpaste affected Aimee a lot, and it was also our first fight. It wasn't that I was choosing the guys' side -- I was just picking my battles. I told the guys that it was f*cked up -- you don't touch someone else's stuff.


I think my toothpaste, because I think some people are so unappreciative of things. I know I overreacted, and toothpaste is not really a big deal. [But if] you grow up like I did -- my mom worked three jobs my whole life -- you learn to appreciate little things like toothpaste.


The luggage prank, which is dumb because they moved one bag. But whatever, the girls went off and Kortni almost went after Nilsa.


The biggest and stupidest prank was what Codi and Gus pulled on me (and Nilsa). Nilsa and I weren't really on the best of terms, and she knew that I wanted to room with Candace. It was a big clusterf*ck of bullsh*t.


I think probably the luggage was the worst -- it turned into all hell breaking loose. You have to have a little fun.


I didn't see the suitcase exploding to that extent. Did I think the girls would get worked up? Absolutely, but I didn't think it would get to the point where Kortni tried to punch Nilsa and then hurt her hand.

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