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Oh, So THIS Is What Taylor Swift Sounds Like As Grizzled Old Rock Music

T. Swizzle, as sung by Ryan Adams.

Remember two days ago when alt-country lifer Ryan Adams announced he's been hard at work on a covers album of Taylor Swift's 1989? Yeah, well he was serious about it then, but just in case there was any doubt as to his intentions, Adams has since dropped actual album art on us... well as in-studio takes of "Out of the Woods"...

...and "All You Had To Do Was Stay"...

...and, yes, even "Shake It Off."

All three of these neo-Swift classics have been by reimagined and refashioned by Adams' smoky, nighthawk tendencies into completely different works of art -- both musically and emotionally. Here, in this darkened den of robot toys, plastic skulls and blinking mixing board lights, they take on an air of desperate yearning, like a trio of sunsets watched from a high cliff.

Is it too meta to shout out an existing shout-out? Regardless, shout out to Adams' Sonic Youth reference and his genuine, very loving handling of the source material. Just like the rest of us, he knows a hell of a pop tune when he hears one (or, in the case of 1989, 13 of them).