Penn Badgley Can Go From Jovial To Joker Levels Of Creepy In Seconds

He 'goes blank' to prepare for his role

Have you ever wondered how, exactly, You's Penn Badgley makes such a convincingly creepy stalker?

It apparently comes quite naturally to Badgley, as he revealed in a recent interview with Stephen Colbert. In fact, he has a "shockingly simple" routine that allows him to "become" the Joe we all know and love (or despise, which is probably the healthier emotion here.)

While Badgley explained some of his process to Colbert, he gave a quick demo of how easy it is for him to go from normal to Norman Bates (the killer from Psycho) in no time flat. It's seriously impressive...and probably why he fits the part so well!

After watching Badgley in the above clip, Colbert was suitably impressed.

"Wow, that was wonderful!" he cheered, as Joe fans across the world probably swooned, much to Badgley's chagrin. After wowing Colbert and the audience with his acting chops, Badgley recalled another time he had creeped out even his fellow actors with his strange stare and stalker look.

"I arrive on the mark," he said of a shoot he did with co-star Elizabeth Lail (Season 1's Beck). "I do nothing but look up. And the entire crew behind the camera goes, 'Oh! Whoa, man, that is phenomenal! That is so creepy.' And I did nothing."

That effortless ability that seems to come so naturally for Badgley goes away immediately when he's back to "normal" for his interview, though. It's really fascinating how he can change so much in such a small amount of time, though that's a testament to how well he plays the role. And now that Season 2 is available on Netflix, you can watch him navigate life in a whole new area (Los Angeles) with a whole new victim.

And with each season, you know Badgley is getting even better at bringing the creep factor.

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