Kim Kardashian's Nude 'Paper' Cover Is Based On This Original Photo

This goes back 38 years.

Your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds have certainly been flooded with Kim Kardashian's very nude cover photo for 'Paper' magazine (which she revealed last night, after initially sharing the photo of just her bare butt), but do you know what inspired the image?

It's actually a rendition of a 1976 photo, using a black model.

Jean-Paul Goude, who photographed Kim for 'Paper' also took the original, and similarly explicit image, called “Carolina Beaumont,” which shows the model striking the same pose, while popping a bottle of champagne, with a glass placed on her derrière.

Read more about Goude's work here. And more about the controversy surrounding his work here.

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In other news, Kanye clearly likes his woman to be photogenic. You might remember Amber Rose' 2010 re-make of Grace Jones' iconic photo, below, which Goude was also responsible for.