Netflix's 'Hollywood' Is A Glitzy Ryan Murphy Fever Dream

'Ryan Murphy created Hollywood for bisexuals I have proof and zero doubts'

Ryan Murphy is lending his unique touch to the glitzy world of Netflix's upcoming limited series, Hollywood. Now, you can finally take in the first full-length trailer for the salacious new drama.

Starring Murphy mainstays like Darren Criss and Dylan McDermott, with Broadway icon Patti LuPone along for the ride, the series explores a group of aspiring actors and filmmakers in a post-World War II Hollywood setting as they "try to make it in Tinseltown — no matter the cost."

Involving iconic Hollywood actors like Rock Hudson (Jake Picking) and Vivien Leigh (Katie McGuinness), this series is more than just an assemblage of pretty faces of the period. It's also a new vision of the film industry with some very important changes.

The product of a partnership between Murphy and series director and writer Janet Mock, Hollywood explores an alternate version of history where women, people of color, and the queer community are given the same chances to succeed as straight white men back in the golden days of the film industry.

"We turned to the past for direction, uncovering buried history to spin an aspirational tale of what ifs: What if a band of outsiders were given a chance to tell their own story? What if the person with greenlight power was a woman? The screenwriter a black man? What if the heroine was a woman of color? The matinee idol openly gay? And what if they were all invited into the room where the decisions are made, entering fully and unapologetically themselves to leave victorious and vaunted, their place in history cemented," said Mock of the series.

There's a veritable menagerie of stars appearing in the series as well: Queen Latifah, Samara Weaving, Laura Harrier, Rob Reiner, Mira Sorvino, and The Politician's David Corenswet, who strips down for a particularly steamy moment in the trailer. In fact, he's one of the reasons fans are so excited to see how this series plays out.

Hollywood is set to hit Netflix on May 1. That should be plenty of time for you to get ready for your close-up.

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