Haim Are Coming For Adam Sandler’s Crown As Queens Of Hanukkah Music

'Light me up / Like I'm a menorah'

Christmas songs get all the shine, but Haim are here to make sure we don’t forget about Hanukkah music too.

Sure, Adam Sandler’s 1994 classic “The Hanukkah Song” filled the void for many, but there’s still room for more festive tunes. Cue the L.A. sister trio, who took a break from their usual jam sessions to usher in the first night of the Jewish holiday on Tuesday (December 12).

“You pick me up when I’m down / Spin my dreidel around,” Este sings while draped in tinsel. She leads the charge on vocals before Danielle and Alana join her for the catchy chorus: “Light me up / Like I’m a menorah!” Other lyrical content includes musings on potato latkes and the Torah, as well as the clever come-on, “You be the Manischewitz and I’ll be the vodka.”

Oh, yeah. This is just what we needed this holiday season. Happy “Haimukkah” to you and yours!

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