Paula Abdul, Miley Cyrus And More Golden Globes Fashion Misses

We take a look back at the worst Globes fashion of the past decade.

Celebrities always want to stand out on the Golden Globes red carpet. Sometimes [article id="1629366"]they look amazing[/article], and sometimes they turn up in some questionable outfits.

With the Globes set to go live on Sunday, it's only a matter of time before we find out who will have the biggest fashion misses on the red carpet. In the meantime, MTV News looks back on some of the biggest fashion mishaps of the past decade.

Lara Flynn Boyle in 2003

Some little girls want to grow up to be ballerinas, but very few grown women dress in full-on ballet attire. Boyle did at the 2003 Golden Globes, wearing a bubble-gum-pink tutu and pointe-shoe-inspired heels.

Beyoncé in 2003

Beyoncé's typically glittery style was abandoned in 2003 when she showed up to the Globes looking like she missed the prom. Her white dress with tutu skirt and floral embellishment went from bad to worse.

Diane Kruger in 2005

What an inglourious fashion mistake! The actress looked like she was attending a toga party, not the Globes. She did get one thing right, though: the color -- if you consider wearing a golden toga getting something right.

Paula Abdul in 2005

Long before she left "American Idol," Abdul hit the Golden Globes carpet in an ill-fitting, ice-princess number. The ill-fitting bust line and wacky hemline were only outdone by the dress' tacky gold-glitter color.

Reese Witherspoon in 2006

The petite Witherspoon had a good idea, in theory, to rock a cute little cocktail dress to the show. She went wrong in the dress' fit: The bust was cut off at a weird spot, making her chest look both flat and fat.

Johnny Depp in 2006

Johnny Depp has always been gypsy chic, but in 2006, long before he starred in "Public Enemies," he attempted gangster chic and failed. The severe red-and-black color palette was only matched by his suit's loose fit and a very scruffy goatee.

Cameron Diaz in 2007

Diaz's white, tiered gown almost worked, if not for the superfluous detailing, like the single strap and that bow. Plus, the dark hair is a bit much for the typically blond Diaz.

Penélope Cruz in 2007

Black apparently isn't always simple when it comes to fashion. Cruz's over-the-top creation in 2007 almost overwhelmed the star with its full skirt and wild-west style.

Miley Cyrus in 2009

Apparently suffering from Cruz's wild-west syndrome, Cyrus looked like she took Cruz's frock, bleached it white and put a lot of glitter on it.

Renée Zellweger in 2009

Zellweger, perhaps jumping on the then-burgeoning vampire craze, wore a dress that was sheer on top and very heavy heavy on the bottom.

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