Well Wishes For Wiz And Amber: My Week At The VMAs

By Rya Backer

Last week, to say the least, was a little crazy. As a producer here at MTV News, I was the very funny/talented/whipsmart Jim Cantiello's right-hand-lady. Together, we worked to pitch, execute, and create great content around all things VMAs as the week ramped up (and I helped pick out his suit). I was also Jim's eyes and ears for Thursday's pre-show as well as the backstage Livestream which took place during the show, capturing all the craziness that occurred behind the scenes and talking to artists after they'd presented (hi, Mac Miller!) or won (Rihanna!).

One couple who I was so excited to see were the in-love and engaged Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa, who I'd talked to on "BFFs" and "First Date," respectively. I'd heard rumors about Ms. Rose being with child (and then there was the tweet Wiz sent to our Rob Markman), but nothing confirmed it quite like seeing the pair in well-dressed, nesting bliss. I first caught up with them during the pre-show, where in addition to the announcement with Sway, Rose's form-fitting black lace number and general glow only confirmed everyone's suspicions.

Later, as Jim and I were parked backstage, riffing and gawking at every celebrity (side note: Hi, Drake! I'm the girl in the tuxedo t-shirt who said "congratulations!" out of nowhere), Wiz caught my eye. I asked his manager, Benjy, if Wiz could spare a minute to talk to Jim for all of the Internet to see. He agreed, but not long after, they'd disappeared! I was assured by our ace talent wranger, Sandra, that it was only because he wanted to bring Amber backstage as well. Amber appeared a bit tired considering her circumstances, but so happy to be with her man -- I can assure you this couple is very much in love. And so herewith was Jim's chat with the pair ... and my Jewish-mother interjection to wish them well.

Now if any of you have any suggestions for (non-paraphernalia-related) baby gifts, please speak up! I need ideas!

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