Handsome Nerd Henry Cavill Almost Missed 'Man Of Steel' Call Because He Was Playing 'World Of Warcraft'

Last night on Jay Leno's "The Tonight Show" (via Uproxx), new Superman Henry Cavill, whose jawline was recently classified as a weapon of mass destruction, revealed that he almost missed the call from director Zack Snyder to appear in "Man of Steel"... because he was playing an immersive videogame on the computer. Even after revealing this super nerdy detail he probably had sex with two dozen supermodels, was crowned king of the pirates and became the spokesperson for a designer men's watch.

"I'm a big PC gamer and I was playing an online game called 'World of Warcraft,'" Cavill explained to Leno. "I was playing this game and you can't save it. You can't pause or anything and other people are relying on you to play on a team. And it was a highpoint of the game. And so the phone's ringing and I'm ignoring it, because I'm not going to bail on these guys. And I look down and it's Zack Snyder calling, so I dive for the phone, and I missed the call from Zack Snyder, the one I'd been waiting for, for Man of Steel."

Honestly, it's kind of adorable that Cavill was so concerned about his peeps on "World of Warcraft" and seems to suggest he'll handle his post-Superman fame with a clear head, since he'll be interacting with the same dweebs he was on the computer with for the rest of his life. What would have made this potentially missed call even more tragic was that Cavill was cast as Superman once before — in an aborted version that McG was planning with J.J. Abrams on script details. That version was shuttered when McG's crippling fear of flying kept the production from moving forward (things were being established in Australia, which would have been a hell of a boat trip).

If you've been living under a rock (or on the planet Krypton), "Man of Steel" opens next weekend everywhere.

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