Destiny's Child Talks Split With Farrah

Less than 24 hours after announcing that singer Farrah Franklin had left Destiny's Child after her five-month stint in the group, the remaining trio of Beyoncé Knowles, Kelly Rowland, and Michelle Williams phoned in to "TRL" to talk about the break with host Carson Daly.

During a brief conference call in the middle of the video countdown, Beyoncé said that the group's break with Franklin (see [article id="1428044"]"Destiny's Child Changes Lineup Again"[/article]) was the result of her missing several recent gigs and promotional appearances.

[article id="1442728"]"We have to say that Farrah was not kicked out of Destiny's Child,"[/article] Beyoncé told the "TRL" audience. [article id="1442728"]"She actually did not show up for three major promotional events, one of which was 'MTV All Access.' She walked out on [that], and the KUBE Summer Jam was another one in Seattle. You'll all see that on the ['All Access']


[article id="1442728"]"We also had a five-day promotional tour in Australia, which was our first visit there and very important, and she didn't come. So we all agreed that Farrah and Destiny's Child should part ways, and we wish her the best in the future. But it wasn't a management decision, it was a group decision. We all feel that no personal problems that can be resolved are worth disappointing your fans." [RealAudio][/article]

Daly also asked Destiny's Child whether the newest shake-up would effect its appearance on the Christina Aguilera tour, which the group is slated to join starting on July 31 in Bonner Springs, Kansas.

"We're going to be perfectly fine," Beyoncé said. "We've done, like, three or four shows without Farrah, and they've been phenomenal.

I know that

we get all of our energy from the crowd, and we've definitely been getting that and more.

"So I think the show is going to be wonderful. We're going to give you live singing, of course, and if you haven't caught a Destiny's Child show, you have got to come, 'cause we're coming to a city near you with Christina." [RealAudio]

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