Taylor Swift's Mom Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer

And Taylor is asking us all to watch out for our loved ones.

Swifties: Taylor has given you a lot over the years and now it's time to give back in the form of good vibes. Swift's mother, Andrea Finlay, was diagnosed with cancer, and the singer took to Tumblr to let her fans know.

"For Christmas this year, I asked my mom that one of her gifts to me be her going to the doctor to get screened for any health issues, just to ease some worries of mine," Swift wrote. "The results came in, and I’m saddened to tell you that my mom has been diagnosed with cancer. I’d like to keep the details of her condition and treatment plans private, but she wanted you to know."

Being the awesome people that they are, Taylor and her mom wanted her condition to be public, in a way, to help other families. "Your parents may be too busy juggling everything they’ve got going on to go to the doctor, and maybe you reminding them to go get checked for cancer could possibly lead to an early diagnosis and an easier battle," Taylor wrote.

We're sending both you and your mom positive thoughts, Taylor.

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