Rixton's MTV Artist To Watch Performance Of 'Me & My Broken Heart' Is What Perfection Sounds Like

Watch Rixton perform "Me And My Broken Heart" live at MTV's Artist To Watch concert at LA's House of Blues.

Watch Rixton's live performance at the House Of Blues!

No need to thank us for sharing this video of Rixton performing "Me And My Broken Heart" live at January's "MTV Artist To Watch Presents" concert at L.A.'s House Of Blues Sunset with you. We're just doing our job. Actually, strike that. BOW DOWN, AND KISS OUR RINGS.

OK, OK, technically this video of the U.K. natives has been around for nearly a month, but we just want to be sure that everyone has seen it. It's basically one of the most perfect live performances ever to exist, and your ears and eyes NEED to have the pleasure of hearing and seeing it, respectively.

I mean, everyone should get the chance to witness the "Make Out" performers whipping out a live rendition of their debut American single. Oh, and same goes for seeing frontman Jake Roche's triple-threat skillz in action: singing, guitar-playing, and adorable hop-dancing around the stage. #Swoon

Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to play this clip, like, 28-bazillion times in a row. Whenever you wanna send us a thank-you Edible Arrangement for sharing this video, we'll be waiting. (We'll take extra strawberries chocolate-covered marshmallows, thx.)

+ Watch Rixton's perform "Me And My Broken Heart" live, and see what happens when Rixton play "Who Would You Make Out With?"

Photo credit: Interscope Records